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welcome to novelstory

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

By Sarina Patel

Founder of Novel Minority

Hi, our name is Novelstory. We're a perfect blog, but we're also Not Like Other Blogs. You see, our parent company just sold us to a boy band this morning. our orbs widened as we processed what would be our new life--

Okay, we'll stop playing around. Hello & welcome to Novelstory, a blog centered on curating content by and for creatives of color. Here's our posting schedule:


Top secret. Coming soon!

WEDNESDAYS: #writeroftheweek interviewing adult BIPOC writers to promote BIPOC mental health & glean advice on the publication industry.

FRIDAYS: #novelreads reviewing books written by your favorite BIPOC authors to foster connection within our community.

and as always...happy reading <3

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