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what is novelcamp?

Want to perfect your craft? Fill up your resumé? Gain exclusive opportunities in the creative world? Introducing Novel Camp - a summer camp/writing mentorship program hosted by Novel Minority, a creative community for BIPOC teens (ages 13-17).

The camp, which takes place from July 5-9 at 3-6:30 pm EST over Zoom, is COMPLETELY FREE - as Novel Minority is dedicated to increasing access and affordability of writing opportunities for BIPOC teens.

For one week, campers will be able to explore how writing intersects with other career paths (fashion, design, journalism, art, comedy, etc), build a network of creative friends, and get connected to professionals in the writing world. You don't want to miss out on this enrichment opportunity!

REGISTRATION: free & open until June 1, 2021

FOR MORE INFO: contact

ELIGIBILITY: campers must be BIPOC teens (ages 13-17) to participate.

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