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presenting novelcamp!

home: Who We Are

new character just dropped! it's


creative community for BIPOC teens. organizing their fiction into your reality.

happy reading <3

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our (villain?) origin story

1/2 inspired by "the last airbender' and 1/2 true. we'll let you read for yourself. 

thinking. writing. editing. publishing. long ago, the four teen writing brain cells lived in harmony. but everything changed when the teen writing complex attacked! only common sense, master of all the teen writers, could stop it. but when the world needed it most, it vanished. a hundred years (okay...two months) passed, & i discovered that the teen writing complex is fueled by white supremacy, causing BIPOC teen writers to produce generic and traumatic diaspora narratives to be validated by white-dominated competitions rather than learn from each other to write whatever they want.​ so i founded novelminority, a community by and for creatives of color. although its mission is great, it has a lot to learn before it can save anyone. but i believe: novelminority can save the writers.

-sarina | founder of novelminority

noveltracks: the big three

no, not zeus, poseidon, and hades! (still waiting for an email back...)

but this summer, you'll be able to join one of these godly tracks to further your creative direction: education, mentorship, or storytelling.

we'll get you where you need to go--hopefully, as high as mount olympus.

Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 1.14.08 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 1.59.03 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 2.00.59 AM.png


matching at your level

comprehensive writing programs created by and for BIPOC teens. we train you at all levels: beginner to advanced!


connecting with your legends

matching BIPOC teens with BIPOC creatives in their field who can guide, spotlight & represent them. we connect you to amazing BIPOC artists!


storytelling on your terms

publishing BIPOC teens on our platform, fostering dialogue to prioritize BIPOC mental health & connecting them to professional writing opportunities that can amplify their voices. we help you tell your story how you want!

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